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Self-Discovery. Healing. Mindset

The Keys To Manifesting The Life You Deserve

Your best life begins here. Nurturing  Mindset is here to provide you with the space, support, tools, and step-by-step practices that you can master in order to bring desired change in any and every aspect of your life thus reaching fulfillment. My name is Yasiris Baez, I am a certified Spiritual Life Coach & Energy Healing Practitioner focusing on Mindset & Spiritual/Personal Development to help women like you recognize & release what is holding them back, and define, align & attract whatever it is they truly desire. I am fascinated by the true human potential, the power of the subconscious mind, energy, universal laws, and spirituality. I provide a one-stop-shop for Energetic, Spiritual, Emotional, Mental & Behavioral transformations.

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  • ATTRACTING abundant health, wealth & love

  • Understanding your emotions & setting healthy boundaries

  • Being PRESENT

  • Better & more Loving relationship with YOURSELF

  • More joy & positivity

  • Awareness & acceptance of feelings 

  • Achieving PEACE OF MIND

  • Increased productivity

  • Development of positive habits

  • A renewed sense of self  & PURPOSE

  • Aligning mind, body & soul

  • Stepping into your authentic self

  • Recognizing & breaking toxic patterns


  • Uncovering your mental blocks & LIMITING BELIEFS

  • Releasing energetic and mental blocks

  • Neutralizing fears & reframing/ rewiring internal conversations 

  • Setting incredible goals and taking inspired actions

  • Realizing your FULL potential

  • Consciously & Intentionally CO-CREATING your life

Sounds Amazing and borderline unbelievable right?! Well, these things and more are 100% attainable first and foremost by recognizing that you are a Limitless, Boundless, Infinite Spiritual & Energetic Being having a human experience, and that you have something incredibly powerful called the Subconscious Mind which can be programmed to help you reach your highest potential. As such, you, yes YOU, are magical & powerful beyond imagination. You have the power to re-direct your life, to change course towards more Abundance, Peace, Love, Joy & Success in your life, despite your past and current circumstances, and it starts with opening up to the truth that your Soul and Subconscious Mind co-create your reality with the assistance of the Universal Laws.

What if the missing link to living a more fulfilled life is the connection to something bigger than you? Lack of connection to your true nature and power? It is my belief that when we tend to our Spiritual self and seek to understand the Universal Laws, the power of the Subconscious Mind & how Energy truly is everything, we open up to ALL parts of ourselves and start to introduce into ourselves the Creative & Divine parts that we may have been unaware of or actively shutting out. A beautiful nurturing, co-creative, trusting and loving relationship with yourself will naturally ensue. As a result of this awareness, oneness, wholeness, and connectedness, you will better align with your heart's desires,  goals, and soul's purpose. Now, doesn't this sound like the only logical foundation for the rest of your Best life? 

If you have been questioning your purpose in life lately or have an indescribable feeling that there is more to life than your current reality, you may already be coming up on the doorstep to a magical journey that aligns you to awareness, self-discovery, invaluable inner work, spiritual & personal growth, healing from past, releasing mental & energetic blocks, subconscious reprogramming, stepping into your purpose, tapping into your rightful universal abundance, intentional co-creation & manifesting, etc.. and I am SO excited for you and I am here to help guide you.

Nurturing Mindset provides you with the space, support, tools, accountability, and techniques to achieve accelerated spiritual awareness & acceptance, alignment of mind-body-soul,  release old and stagnant energy and bring in new positive energy, identify and release limiting beliefs, install new beliefs and transform on an identity level, make the necessary mindset shifts, and master easy mindfulness practices which will, in turn, align you with fulfillment & satisfaction in any and every area of life. 

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1:1 Coaching packages - individually tailored 

Single Sessions:


-Single Belief Change

-Parts Integration

-TIME Techniques (Release Negative Emotions or            Release Limiting Belief)

-Clarify Your Goal(s) Success Session

**Group Coaching Programs are announced on website and via Email newsletters as I launch them. Check back often.

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Every individual has patterns, hidden beliefs, and behaviors that hold them back from fulfillment. Here at Nurturing Mindset, I use a methodical coaching approach to help you get un-stuck and feel good about the fundamental areas of your life. Real change comes from the inside - whatever is happening inside of your mind will reflect into the world you see. Through proven powerful practices & techniques, life-altering mindset shifts, awareness & re-wiring of subconscious programs, accountability and support, I am here to guide you in your new exciting journey. My program offers 1-on-1 coaching and consulting via biweekly 60-90min sessions. The amount of sessions is determined in our Consultation/ Discovery call, as every individual is unique and has different desired outcomes, goals, and may be at a different stage. Be sure of one thing... Everyone, including YOU, has the ability to shift, heal, integrate and manifest anything they desire. The key to getting results lies in your readiness & willingness to do the "work." 


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How I can Help


Hi, I Am Yasiris Baez

I am a Certified:
Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner
Clinical Hypnotherapist
TIME Techniques Practitioner
Life& Success Coach
Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping)             Practitioner
& I also practice Esoteric Energy Healing 

Founder of Nurturing Mindset
I specialize in Mindset, Spiritual & Personal Development

I offer private & convenient one-on-one coaching packages, transformative single sessions, and group coachings via zoom or google meets. 

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Zen Stones

"There is Nothing You Cannot Do, Be or Have"

~Abraham Hicks

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Inspired Coaching

Hi! My name is Yasiris Baez. At this moment I am 33 years young. I was born and raised in the Bronx, NY, by loving and hard-working Dominican parents. I have been blessed, amongst other things, to have been introduced to the Law of Attraction via the life-changing book by Rhonda Byrnes, The Secret, at the age of 26 by a dear friend. Since then, in just 7 short years, I have consciously manifested my dream life - down to my current Mindset & Spiritual/ Personal Development coaching career - thanks to my intensive research, interest in the Human potential, fascination with the supernatural, and application of Spirituality, Quantum Physics, Metaphysics, Consciousness, Energy Work, Mindset & Mindfulness mastery. Previously, I had been a successful Sales Supervisor and Coach at two big corporations. It was through this experience that I realized my life's calling to build meaningful relationships through impactful results.  At the end of 2019, I made the decision to resign from my corporate position and fulfill my dream of being a  life coach full-time. In 2020 I published the "What Are You Waiting For?!" book series, which serves as a written guide to spiritual growth, mindset work mindfulness, and the basis for my workshops and sessions.

I am currently certified in NLP, EFT, Hypnotherapy, TIME Techniques, and Life & Success Coaching. I am also a student and practitioner of Esoteric Energy Healing. I am constantly learning, practicing, investing in myself, my business and the value and impact I bring to my clients.

It is my passion to awaken the sleeping power in women who sense that there is more to life than the current circumstances they may be facing and who seek to understand their purpose and the impact that they are meant to have in their lifetime. I thrive on the intent to bring light, love & inspiration to those who are ready to make big changes in their life. My motto is "If I could do it, so will You!"

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"What Are You Waiting For?!"
Books 1-5

Coming soon to

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Yasiris is an exceptional coach. She is patient, humble, and a great listener. She always made sure I felt comfortable when expressing areas I wanted to work on. She emulates positivity and compassion. She helped me feel confident enough to accomplish my goals. She is very supportive and passionate about coaching. She encourages you to be your best self.  I highly recommend her for anyone looking for life coaching. You won’t be disappointed

~ Melanie P.

Yasiris is a natural coach and facilitator. She is patient, intuitive, and wise beyond her years. She listens deeply and observes, then breaks through the barriers that can hold us back in order to move us forward. She helped our team build the confidence and determination we needed to take risks and unlock our potential.

~ Carlo C.

I will forever be grateful for the encouragement & life lessons Yasi has given me. She pushed me to be a better me than I thought I can be. I have accomplished my goals with more to come. I owe her my life!

~ Naschelle M.

Yasiris can only be described as a loving, caring and compassionate light. She's diligent, resilient, and a pleasure to work with. Not only will she keep you accountable, but she'll do it in a way that works best for you, at the moment, personalized to fit your needs and where you're at in life (or that day!). Her experience is real-deal and her authenticity will inspire you to take action in a self-caring and nurturing way.

~ Vanessa G.

Coach & Author


What Are You Waiting For?! - Books
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