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Yasiris is an awesome mentor! She’s extremely insightful, determined, personable, patient and kind. In her role as my supervisor at the telecommunications company we worked in, she was completely dedicated to excelling in her position and through the performance of the team she managed. She’s motivating and encouraging and keeps you accountable, while always focusing on achieving the goal with positivity and upholding integrity and ethical techniques. She’s organized, structured and focused and knows how to implement what is needed to be productive and purposeful. I definitely value the time we spent together and how she helped me progress and flourish to have the courage and confidence I need to succeed professionally. She helped me learn how to manage my time better and not second guess myself. Yasiris’ support and guidance is very impactful and I highly recommend her services! 

~ Johanna Munoz,

Sales Manager, Scarsdale, NY

I’ve known Yasiris over 5 years but just under 10. She has been someone that I turn to for advising personally & professionally. One of the many things I admire and respect about Yasires is that she operates with integrity, she passionately follows her dreams & stands by her convictions. If you decide to coach with Yasires, you’ll be working with someone with old school value and beliefs. She is thoughtful and grounded with a firm belief in God.

~ Tara A.

Working for [company] was one of the most challenging jobs I’ve ever done. Having Yasi as a coach was a godsend as she was the most patient and supportive person I’ve ever worked with. Her strategy of getting the most done in a fraction of the time was very efficient. She was always willing to take time and  pushed me to trust myself and my abilities.

~ Lizbeth S.

I had the pleasure of working with Yasiris as part of her team for a couple of years at telecom company, and she leads by example. Few people have the opportunity to report to a supervisor who is also a coach and mentor, her hands-on approach to career coaching, motivational speaking and powerful personality won her the respect of the staff and inspired us to always try our best. Anyone would be lucky to have her as a coach”

~ Maria Alejandra

Yasiris is a great go to person. Efficiency is her middle name. As I started to work with her I was so naive to what was going on, on a day to day basis. Before working with her I was a low performer, but today I can say I am a super star in my area. Yasiris takes her time to be detailed about everything. She makes sure that you learn and comprehend the topic. It is always a great pleasure to work with her.!

~ Ovicely R.

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